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Archive for January, 2006

The wreck of the barque ‘Agnes’

The discovery that the bell of the barque ‘Agnes’, wrecked off the Ballaugh coast at Ballakeig in 1894, was to be sold after the closure of the Motorcycle Museum at the Bungalow led to a search through Adrian Corkill’s splendid Dictionary of Shipwrecks off the Isle of Man, published in 1995. The ‘Agnes’ was an […]

The dressmakers of Ballaugh (part 1)

Many people will remember the late Mrs Dobby. When in her 90s, she decided to research some of the recent history of parish. This is an extract from an article on the dressmakers of Ballaugh. Ballaugh, in the early 19th century, was famous for its dressmakers, and in particular for a group who met in […]

Students discover 11,000 year old remains of Irish elk

A group of history students have discovered the antler of an Irish Elk in the brooghs south of Ballaugh. Although the exact age of the antler has yet to be determined, the position of the remains indicates that the elk (Megaloceros giganteus) lived around 11,000 years ago. The giant deer roamed the open tundra landscape […]

Ballaugh church monuments: 1 Olaf Liotulfsson’s cross in the Old Church

It is perhaps somewhat astonishing and disappointing that only one Viking age cross has been discovered in the parish of Ballaugh. It’s especially so when the adjacent parishes of Lezayre and particularly Jurby and Michael have such wonderful collections. Perhaps they are still waiting to be found! However, the cross that is now in the […]

Can you identify this son of Ballaugh?

At a banquet in London’s Crystal Palace on New Year’s Eve, 1853, a Ballaugh-born man wrote a song for the members of an eminent learned society to sing at a rather unusual celebration. If you think you know who it was, and the subject of the song, please contact the Editor. As far as I […]