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Report from the Manx Sun, 22 January 1836

Fatal accident In our obituary will be found the death of Mr Corlett of Ballatesson who died on Tuesday. The following evening, the deceased was coffined, but the room in which he was placed gave way, and the coffin fell on a young man, a neighbour, of the name of Crow, who was on the […]

The Ballaugh Harvest Home Dispute of 1870

This entertaining account of a village dispute in the late nineteenth century gives a terrific insight into the sensitivities experienced by Ballaugh inhabitants. Sparked off by a report in the Isle of Man Times in October, 1870, Joy Ling has assembled an entertaining collection of reports and letters, which include vivid and detailed descriptions of […]

Ancient Ballaugh

In David Radcliffe’s talk on ‘Ancient Ballaugh’ at the Bowling Club, an audience of around 60 were fascinated as the story of the area was revealed, beginning with a glacial gavotte and closing with the Norse settlement. We were riveted by David’s account of the impact of the Ice Cap, which not only shaped the […]

Photograph Exhibition: People Places and Events

Pictures of people and places past and present attracted considerable interest and jogged the memories of the many village residents who were drawn to the Hall on 22 April. Three ranks of tables the length of the space were packed with personal collections loaned for the day, many well documented with dates and names, others […]

Dressmakers of Ballaugh (Part 2)

(cont.) Other dressmakers in Ballaugh included Anna Kinrade, who lived opposite the present garage, who taught Alice Corlett, Arthur Mylroie’s mother, and also Lizzie Cowell, so that Ballaugh seems to have been a centre for making garments in those days before the art was mechanised by industrial-type machinery which did all the fancy stitches at […]

The Flower Festival

A colourful floral arch welcomed worshippers to the Parish Church for this year’s Manx Heritage Flower Festival, based on the theme of ‘There is a season for all things’. Mrs Jean Kennan had headed a hard-working team to transform the church into a celebration of the four seasons. The visitors were welcomed, appropriately, into the […]

The ‘Son of Ballaugh’, Issue No. 1

There were no suggestions forthcoming as to the identity of the ‘son of Ballaugh’ who composed the song featured in Issue 1. The animal was a dinosaur and the event was the opening of the exhibition of full-size dinosaur models at Crystal Palace in 1853. Edward Forbes (1815-1854) was an eminent scientist, whose mother was […]

Mariners of Ballaugh

The late Robert Forster was a fine Local Historian. In an article about the activities of the Press Gang in the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Journal (Vol. VIII No.4) he wrote about a dramatic event that occurred in Douglas in 1811. August 1811: A Lieutenant Hawkes, commander of the Press tender Maria […]

This month’s ‘Son of Ballaugh’

Perhaps he doesn’t really count as a ‘son of Ballaugh’, but his connections are without doubt, important ones and his life was an interesting one. Rev. James Wilks was Rector of the parish from 1771 until his death aged 58 in 1777. His grave is in the old churchyard with the epitaph ‘Sleeping in Jesus. […]

Traditional Bun Loaf

An easy recipe which stores well if allowed to! 8 oz. mixed fruit 6 fluid ozs cold strained tea 8 oz. self-raising flour 4 oz. soft brown sugar 1 beaten egg A pinch of salt Soak the fruit overnight in the tea to allow if to soften and ‘plump out’. Line a 1lb loaf tin […]