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Treisht Eiraght Valley Ny Loghey

Ancient Ballaugh

In David Radcliffe’s talk on ‘Ancient Ballaugh’ at the Bowling Club, an audience of around 60 were fascinated as the story of the area was revealed, beginning with a glacial gavotte and closing with the Norse settlement. We were riveted by David’s account of the impact of the Ice Cap, which not only shaped the Glen but deposited first the Orrisdale hills, then the larger terminal moraine at Bride. We learned, too, of the erosion of the parish, which began almost as soon as the ice cap retreated. The existence of a land bridge with England or Scotland – probably little more than land barely above sea level – allowed the immigration of larger animals but meant that slower creatures such as badgers never reached here. Roaming the parish were great elks, a slightly smaller variety than those found in Ireland and Scotland, whose remains have been discovered across the area. In fact, the first issue of the Newsletter featured the latest find. Mesolithic man left evidence of their large flint weapons and tools and we were entranced by the beauty and elegance of the microliths created and used by Ballaugh residents in the Neolithic period. Skipping a few thousand years, David completed his absorbing talk with a description of the Norse settlement of the parish.

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