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Archive for January, 2007

Old Ballaugh Shops and Other Busineses

Talk by Norrie Radcliffe on 24th October A fascinating account of recent Ballaugh history held a large audience spellbound. Norrie’s knowledge of Manx matters is well known and his presentation captures the listener’s attention. There is no doubt that his talk has helped many people to remember how Ballaugh was and to paint a vivid […]

New Books

Recent publications with items of Ballaugh interest include volume 1 of A New History of the Isle of Man: The Evolution of the Natural Landscape. Produced by the Centre for Manx Studies and published by Liverpool University Press, it examines the more recent geological periods that have shaped the Island’s landscape, featuring many entries about […]

Duties of the Captains of the Parishes (part 1)

The honorary role of Captain of the Parish¬† (CP) is an ancient one with a fascinating history.¬† It dates back many centuries to a time when the holders of the title had some demanding roles that were essential to the peace and prosperity of the island. Nowadays, it has much more limited demands than there […]

Walk and Talk in the Ballaugh Curragh

Led by Mr. John Dog Callister of Kirk Michael. Approximately 25 members of the Trust met at Ballaugh School to travel to the Curraghs in the least amount of cars because of the limited parking facilities as Close Sartfield. We Travelled along the Ballerterson Road then across into Dollagh Mooar Road, then right at the […]

Ballaugh Curragh: a site of international significance

In September, it was announced that the Ballaugh Curragh had been designated a wetland site of international importance, joining 1,600 other sites worldwide. The press release issued by the International Secretariat explained why this 193 hectare site is so important. The Ballaugh Curragh is a complex mosaic of interrelated peatland habitats dominated by grey willow […]

Dressmakers of Ballaugh (Part 3)

(cont.) When the Cronk Breck group broke up the house was left empty for some years and gradually deteriorated to the extent that when the next owners, the Macaskies, first inspected it they found grass growing knee-deep in the rotten floors and plaster falling from the ceiling. However, under the plaster were some good oak […]

Personal Memories

There have been very few memories volunteered but one that deserves recording came from our Captain of the Parish! He used to travel to school in Ramsey by train. On one of his first journeys, a few boys were smoking. A cigarette was thrown out of the window but ended up inside the door panel […]

Nicknames of Ballaugh

Else where in this Newsletter there is a report of the Curragh walk by John Dog Callister. Although many these days imagine that nicknames have gone out of fashion, it might be surprising to find that so many are still used and, indeed often adopted by the holder of the name him or herself. When […]

Ballaugh Heritage Trust Carol Service

Following the successful carol service in 2005, the Old Church once again resounded with enthusiastic singing. Fenella Bazin gave a short account of Manx carvals, briefly tracing their history from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Members of the Trust had worked hard to make the service a success and the congregation were treated to […]