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New Village Pump Exclusiveness

November 8th, 1935 NEW VILLAGE PUMP EXCLUSIVENESS Objection to “Alien” Water From our Correspondent RAMSEY, THURSDAY A scheme for establishing a public water supply in the five northern Manx parishes of Andreas, Bride, Jurby, Ballaugh and Sulby, at an estimated cost of £100,000, has been prepared, and last night at a public inquiry held to […]

Montpellier Park

September 28th 1833 Ed.: I wonder how this advert would stand up to today’s more rigorous rules under the Trade Descriptions rulings?

Discovering Myrtle Ville: Part I

Peter Robins During the last year Will and Sonia Radcliffe have been actively restoring and renovating their home in Main Road, Ballaugh. They have gladly given their permission for Ballaugh Heritage Trust to make a pictorial record of the work as it progresses and to record any interesting revelations. Unfortunately, restoration of the complete building […]

Recording the past

Sarah Christian Since December 2006, we have had the loan of recording equipment from The Manx Heritage Foundation and so far we have talked to three individuals with ties to the parish. The topics captured have ranged from school days in Ballaugh, wartime experiences, the changes that have taken place in the parish and memories […]

An indignation meeting

Tuesday September 12th 1905 Owing to the motor-car contest in the Isle of Man this week a great number of tourist cars are out daily on the roads; nor was Sunday regarded as a day of rest. In the Michael and Ballaugh district an indignation meeting was held after the evening services, announcements being made […]

Ballaugh School Song

Written by J. Hoyle – schoolmaster We’re the boys and girls of bonny Ballaugh Which lies at the foot of the hill, Approached by many a primrose path And watered by streams and rills. O’er sandhills by the sea we roam O’er curragh and flowery dell In cottage or farmstead is our home Where peace […]

The Placenames of Ballaugh

Talk by Phil Kelly on Thursday 17 January in the Bowling Club It must have taken many hours to prepare this talk, as Phil had photographed a wonderful selection of road and house signs, producing a useful record of how we identify our homes in the early 21st century. We now know that it is […]

The Great Snow of 1895

Extracts from a newspaper account of February 11, 1895 The whole island is still fast in the grip of the snowstorm. By dint of strenuous efforts the telegraph service has been restored, but the country roads are in many places impassable, and farmers are in despair on account of their sheep and lambs, hundreds being […]

A Milestone for Ballaugh Choir

Ballaugh Church Choir in 1982, photographed (I seem to remember) in the Village Hall at a concert held to raise the money to buy the robes, here having their first appearance. Since 1982, the choir has expanded its repertoire to include numerous West Gallery anthems and psalms from the recently-rediscovered collections on the Island, and […]