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Treisht Eiraght Valley Ny Loghey

Ballaugh School Song

Written by J. Hoyle – schoolmaster

We’re the boys and girls of bonny Ballaugh
Which lies at the foot of the hill,
Approached by many a primrose path
And watered by streams and rills.
O’er sandhills by the sea we roam
O’er curragh and flowery dell
In cottage or farmstead is our home
Where peace and quiet dwell.

In youth and age we mean to fight
For God and justice, truth and right
And never shall our names disgrace
Ballaugh our own, our native place.

Our fathers and our mothers trod
These fields and quiet lanes
So we shall ne’er forget the sod
While love or life remains
Wherever in the world we stray
However long we live
Our homage to Ballaugh we’ll pay
Our thoughts to her we’ll give.

In youth, etc

Ed’s note: They don’t write ‘em like this anymore!

Lots of questions here. Can anyone remember the tune? Even if you can’t recall the title, it would be good to hear the melody sung, hummed, whistled or even played on the banjo! When was it sung? And who was Mr Hoyle and when was he at Ballaugh School? Is there a school song nowadays?

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