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New Village Pump Exclusiveness

November 8th, 1935


Objection to “Alien” Water
From our Correspondent

A scheme for establishing a public water supply in the five northern Manx parishes of Andreas, Bride, Jurby, Ballaugh and Sulby, at an estimated cost of £100,000, has been prepared, and last night at a public inquiry held to ascertain the views of the villagers on the proposal a Ballaugh farmer protested against bringing in alien water when there was plenty of good water in Ballaugh.

Asked by the chairman what he meant by “alien” water he replied, “Water from the parish of Sulby.” The Manx Government is to be asked for a generous grant towards the carrying out of the scheme so that the cost to the people of the five villages shall not exceed a 2s. 6d. rate on their dwelling-houses.

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