Ballaugh Heritage Trust

Treisht Eiraght Valley Ny Loghey

Recording the past

Sarah Christian

Since December 2006, we have had the loan of recording equipment from The Manx Heritage Foundation and so far we have talked to three individuals with ties to the parish. The topics captured have ranged from school days in Ballaugh, wartime experiences, the changes that have taken place in the parish and memories of some of the ‘characters’. Some of the tales are really funny and others more sombre.

We are using the ethical and practical guidelines of the Oral History Society to guide us in this interesting work. Those taking part are asked to sign a sheet enabling the Trust to use their words, but the person can choose to delay any publication if they wish. Recordings have generally been done in the person’s own home, as the location is unimportant as long as it’s quiet and there is a cuppa on offer. The process can be pretty relaxed as the equipment allows to operator to stop and start the interview and edit if necessary, so those taking part do are not expected to speak for hours on end. The recording is made into a C.D. (which takes a week or two) and a copy given to the volunteer.

So far, we are capturing memories of the village and archiving them for the time being, as the participants are all far too young as yet!

If you are interested in taking part in our project, and have an hour or two to spare, please contact Sarah Christian on 898 207, Peter Robins, or Edgar Cowin in particular, or any other member of the committee.

Editor’s Note:
Please don’t be shy! It’s often the everyday personal memories that are the most interesting to other people: the odd things that have happened, ways of coping with food shortages, beating the cold in the days before central-heating, school pranks and punishments, birthdays and celebrations.

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