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Manks Flora

John ‘Dog’ Callister Spending most of my early years growing up in Andreas, I call myself an ‘Andruss’ man, our family moved to the Garey in Lezayre in 1959 when I was 10 years old. I think the early years and the places you explored as a child have the greatest impact on your memories […]

John Kneen (1852-1958)

John Kneen (1852-1958), often known as the The Gaaue, the Manx for his trade of blacksmith, was probably Ballaugh’s oldest ever resident. He lived in the Curragh and maintained that the only time he had gone off the Island was for a day trip to Belfast when a young man. He has been immortalized as […]

The Ballaugh Elk of 1819 by Joy Ling

One of Ballaugh’s claims to international fame is the Great Elk, first discovered in 1819 then, after a series of disputes and adventures, eventually finding a home in Edinburgh. Joy Ling’s latest publication is the result of a year’s work, pursuing research in the Manx Museum as well as contacting other researchers as far afield […]

Glen Dhoo and the Port

On the 25th of June, we had a walk up to Glen Dhoo and The Port on an evening where the rain held off and the sun briefly poked its face around the cloud. Attendance was very good and included all ages and guests from the adjacent parish of Sulby, who came for a skeet […]

The History of the 1st Ballaugh Scout Group

Tony Howard The earliest records show that Ballaugh was registered on 21st June 1928 (Reg. No. 18596). The meeting place was the Squeen off Station Road, Ballaugh, the home of the Group Scout Master, Commander Alfred J. Parkes. It is suggested the Group faded away during the Second World War due to the lack of […]

Past and Present Times, Tuesday 19 February

Mr John Kennaugh, CP Dear Countrymen, whate’er is left to us Of ancient heritage – Of manners, speech, of humours, polity The limited horizon of our stage – Old love, hope, fear, All this I fain would fix upon the page; That so the coming age, Lost in the empire’s mass, Yet haply longing for […]

The Weather, Thursday 18 September

Brian Rae A topic that’s always topical – weather! Did the Committee have an inkling of what this summer would be like when Brian Rae was invited to speak at the September meeting? It was an engrossing evening. We were given a brief history of the Met. office at Ronaldsway, marvelling at the extraordinary developments […]