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Ballacrosha Houses

This interesting photograph from 1952, lent to the BHT Newsletter by Tony Howard, shows the Ballacrosha houses that had been recently completed for the Local Government Board by the Universal Housing Company. Can anyone identify where the photographer was standing to be able to take this shot? (updated)

The Ballaugh School Song

Thanks to Edgar Cowin, Win Callister and Janet Skinner, who all came up with information about the Ballaugh School Song. It was sung to the tune ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher’. Joy Ling also emailed me with more information about the school song. The author, James Edward Hoyle, was Head Teacher at Ballaugh from April 1922-circa May […]

Walking The Boundaries 1910

The tradition of walking the parish boundaries is an ancient one. Does anyone know when this was last done in Ballaugh? Thanks to Sarah Christian for this item. On May 4th a party from Ballaugh and Kirk Michael, viz, the Vicar of Michael, the Rector of Ballaugh, Mrs Kneale, Misses Freer and Winifred Kneale, and […]

Milk deliveries in the 1920s

While sorting through family papers, this article came to light. I believe it was written by my father, Ivor Crowe, some time in the late 1970s or early 1980s. He was born in Ballaugh in 1912 but his father moved to Balladoole, Lezayre, where he farmed until soon after the war. My father took over […]

Recording Ballaugh’s Churches

Church Recorders are volunteers who make records of the contents of our national churches, thereby promoting the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage to be found in places of worship of all religions. The items are described in detail and their history researched. All the material is then compiled into a book illustrated […]

The Manx Sun 31 May 1848

For sale a well-tuned seraphine by Bates of London This instrument was probably played in the Old Church and redundant when the New Church was opened. Robert Taubman was the first organist at the new church – before that he had played bass fiddle at the Cronk, then the seraphine. His was said to be […]

The Manx Sun 5 May 1829

Marriages Thos Caley (weaver) to Miss Ann Craine – the bridal party was followed to church by a forsaken sweetheart of the bride’s decked with green leeks.

The Manx Pony

In his history of the Isle of Man, Professor Kinvig wrote of the Manx pony, which he describes as a member of the Celtic pony group. They were tough and hardy and, after the land links with Britain were severed after the Ice Age, developed into a distinct breed. According to Kinvig, the ponies began […]