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‘Down the Dolley’ 2

 ‘DOWN THE DOLLEY’ Part II Mrs D. Dobby, 1995 An informal but informed account, as far as very limited printed records and memories will allow, of the Dollagh Green in earlier days. Now we move to the single-storey cottages with their two-feet thick walls, which have kept their Manx shape at the front facing the […]

Laura, Lady Buchan

Laura, Lady Buchan, was the eldest daughter of Col. Mark Wilkes, and grand-daughter of Rev. Jas. Wilkes. She gave the silver communion service to Ballaugh New Church. This account of her life appears in Manx Worthies, compiled by A. W. Moore, and first published in 1901 . LAURA, LADY BUCHAN, née WILKS (b. 1797, d. […]

John Kneen – Saint’s Model

John Kneen of Ballaugh Curragh is well known for being one of the last native Manx speakers who encouraged others to learn and converse in Manx. He made recordings on the Manx language, old Isle of Man customs and lived to the grand old age of 105 years. He had had a long career as […]

REPORTS OF EVENTS Oct 2011-Dec 2012

It’s very encouraging to see that the increase in the numbers of people coming to the evening meetings. Events further afield are generally less well-supported though. Attendances for the indoor meetings average about 25, which represents about 40% of our membership. Please let us know if you have any ideas suggestions for speakers and subjects […]

Ballaugh Heritage Trust 7th AGM

Tuesday 20th March, 2012 at the Bowling Club, Ballaugh Present Dr Fenella Bazin (Chairman), Mrs Sarah Christian, Edgar Cowin, CP, Dr Ffynlo Craine and Peter Robins (Secretary) The meeting opened at 7.35pm. 27 people attended. Apologies were received from Janet Kennish. Chairman’s welcome and report The Chairman reported on the events of 2011 and invited […]

Gaut’s Prayer

My chisel traces lines on stone, The pattern grows beneath my hand. Obedient to me alone The dead slab blooms at my command. The triple rings combined and crossed Are like the Christian Trinity Of Father, Son and Holy Ghost — Or Odin’s stair, Yggdrasil Tree. To either God I lift my prayer, The age-old […]

New biography of Illiam Dhone published

The Chairman of the Manx Heritage Foundation, The President of Tynwald and the author Milntown House, the ancestral home of the Christian family, was the location for the launch of the new and definitive biography of William Christian, otherwise known as Illiam Dhone, one of the most controversial figures in Manx history. The launch was […]