Ballaugh Heritage Trust

Treisht Eiraght Valley Ny Loghey

Ballaugh Heritage Trust 7th AGM

Tuesday 20th March, 2012 at the Bowling Club, Ballaugh


Dr Fenella Bazin (Chairman), Mrs Sarah Christian, Edgar Cowin, CP, Dr Ffynlo Craine and Peter Robins (Secretary)

The meeting opened at 7.35pm. 27 people attended. Apologies were received from Janet Kennish.

Chairman’s welcome and report

The Chairman reported on the events of 2011 and invited members to let the committee know if there are any requests. The Living History Day had been an excellent team effort by the committee and was very successful, especially Marie Radcliffe’s display of bonnets. She thanked retiring Chairman Dr Ffynlo Craine for his achievements during his period of office, and acknowledged with thanks the committee for all their hard work.

There have been three books published about Ballaugh recently: Joy Ling’s books on the Parish Hall and the Great Elk, and Sarah Christian’s about Glen Dhoo. The two authors have very generously donated the proceeds to the Trust.

We now have (thanks to a generous donation by Peter Robins) a display cabinet located outside the shop. The Trust has purchased a data projector and, thanks to speakers donated by Ally Kinnin, we can now show films. The projector is for use by our guest speakers.

The newsletter has been increased to 36 pages and published once a year.

The Chairman was pleased to report that our new MHK, Alf Cannan, is taking an active part in our committee.

Minutes of the last AGM:

It was proposed by Edgar Cowin that these should be accepted. The proposal was seconded by Ffynlo Craine and agreed by the members.

Treasurers Report:

A copy was sent out with the invitation to the AGM again this year. The biggest outlay was for the projector. The donation resulting from the carol service (£48) was not received in time to be included in the accounts by the time of the audit. The accounts have been signed off and are ready to be submitted to the charity’s commission.

It was noted that subscription income is NOT used for capital expenditure such as the notice board or projector. The Treasurer reported that membership fees would not be increased this year.

Sarah Christian proposed that the Accounts be accepted. This was seconded by Bill Quine and agreed by the members.

Election of officers:

There were no elections due this year.

Peter Robins suggested that we add Alf Cannan as an ex-officio member of the committee. The proposal was made by Bill Quine, seconded by Tony Walters, and agreed by the members.

Goods Shed:

The Chairman reported that it was hoped to sign the lease very soon. The Chairman of Ballaugh Commissioners, Heather Melvin, is helping push things forward.

We have put an application into the Manx Lottery Trust for funding towards restoration. Their priorities are now focused on young people but they may possibly help.

We have received notification today that the Manx Heritage Foundation have agreed to grant us £8,000 towards work on the external stonework. We are pursuing other avenues for funding.

Tony Walters asked about the possibility of using a fork lift truck to take the weighing scales out of the shed so they could be restored? Perhaps a mechanical digger or a team of strong men could be used? The committee appealed for material for exhibits, ideas and memories. It was agreed that there is lots of work ahead.

Project 2012:

As we have held lots of exhibitions in the past and the goods shed project will be a lot of work for the committee, it has been decided to focus this year on publishing a set of walks in leaflet form for the public to follow independently. It is hoped these will be available in the shop/pub etc. Alf Cannan is working on a moorland walk and Fenella Bazin on a Curragh one. Any ideas or offers of help gratefully accepted.

(Note: After the meeting Bill Quine offered to prepare material for a railway walk.)

Any other business.

Thanks to the Allyson Kinnin from Peter Robins for all the typing and printing work she does on top of her Treasurer’s role.

The next event is a Magic Lantern Show by Jack Kaighen on the 17th April 2012.

June Young gave a vote of thanks to all the committee. The meeting was declared closed at 7.55pm and followed by a talk given by Tricia Sayle, Wildlife Trust Reserves Warden.

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