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A plea from the Editor: Plans for Future Newsletters

The renovation of the Railway Goods Shed offers a wonderful opportunity
to devote most of the next issue to the Northern Railway and its impact on
the communities it served.
Most people think of documentary research but personal memories and items
are really important, as they often contain information that has never been
written down before.
Trawling through old newspapers is a litde addictive! Why is it that a
newspaper more than a few decades old rivets the attention in a way that
today’s newspaper doesn’t?
I often hear people reminiscing about their experiences on the train,
particularly school journeys. If these aren’t written down, they’ll disappear
and be lost to future generations. An important part of local history will
So I’m appealing to you to contribute to the next issue in early 2014. Items
don’t need to be long or academic: anecdotes, photographs, tickets,
timetables, advertising material are all needed.
The 2015 issue will be devoted to the work of the Church Recorders, who
are now steadily working their way through the contents of our two churches.
Once they’ve finished, they will have a task of preparing a detailed report of
their work. However, their brief doesn’t include the history of the buildings
and churchyards, so it’s up to us to put flesh on the bones of their
painstaking research.
Topics could include weddings, the stories behind memorial tablets or
gravestones (see David Radcliffe’s article in Issue No. 10), beating the bounds
of the parish, civic Sundays, Remembrance Day services, and so on …
So have a look in your cupboards and attics, please, and help to make the
next two issues memorable!

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