Ballaugh Heritage Trust

Treisht Eiraght Valley Ny Loghey


The Manx Wildlife Trust has Reserves right across the Island. There are important areas in Ballaugh, including Close Sartfield, Goshen and Close Humpson. Every week, in all weathers right through the year, members of a committed body of volunteers launch themselves enthusiastically into a wide range of jobs: cutting back undergrowth, cleaning out ditches and maintaining hedges. Tricia Sayle, Reserves Manager, brings us a report.

Following the success of many Christmas parties I decided to organise a summer party for the volunteers. Everyone was really keen on the idea, especially when I suggested that if we had enough people we could have cricket match and so it was that Saturday 6th August saw the first Midweek Muckers’ Midsummer Merriment.

The preceding Thursday and Friday saw feverish activity as the cricket pitch, boules green and croquet lawn were prepared.

Saturday dawned cloudy and rather damp but the weather came good just as the guests started to arrive and after a little warm-up on the croquet lawn the cricket match got underway.

There was an international flavour to proceedings with visitors from Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Ireland and even Bulgaria! Teams were selected as the Wallabies, captained by Rob Kennan, and the Harriers, captained by Tony Kennan. Both teams had an even mix of those who were cricket devotees and those who hadn’t a clue what was going on.

The Wallabies went in to bat first and scored a very respectable 79 runs. With hunger pangs developing it was decided that the Harriers would go in to bat before tea as we might run out of light. The Wallabies proved marginally better at fielding that they did at batting but despite this the Harriers clearly had some hidden talent amongst their ranks and scored 80 runs with the last pair at the wicket. Surprisingly, neither side managed to lose the ball in the undergrowth!

After a fantastic ‘tea’ the trophy was awarded to the captain of the Harriers. Tony took the trophy home but, as it was a dressed up Mucker’s plastic tea cup, it had to be back by Thursday! The evening drew to a close as the stragglers inaccurately threw boules as the light failed.

Plans are already underway for next year’s party. It’s just a shame we have to wait a whole year!

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