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New biography of Illiam Dhone published

Milntown House, the ancestral home of the Christian family, was the location for the launch of the new and definitive biography of William Christian, otherwise known as Illiam Dhone, one of the most controversial figures in Manx history. The launch was in the presence of the Hon. Clare Christian, MLC, President of Tynwald. This year […]

Some Recent Publications

The Anglo-Manxman: a life of A W Moore Robert Fyson A. W. Moore remains, a century after his death, the outstanding historian of the Island. His History of the Isle of Man (1900) in two volumes is still the standard work to which all subsequent historians must refer, a monument of late Victorian scholarship. Elected […]

The Ballaugh Elk of 1819 by Joy Ling

One of Ballaugh’s claims to international fame is the Great Elk, first discovered in 1819 then, after a series of disputes and adventures, eventually finding a home in Edinburgh. Joy Ling’s latest publication is the result of a year’s work, pursuing research in the Manx Museum as well as contacting other researchers as far afield […]

New Books

Recent publications with items of Ballaugh interest include volume 1 of A New History of the Isle of Man: The Evolution of the Natural Landscape. Produced by the Centre for Manx Studies and published by Liverpool University Press, it examines the more recent geological periods that have shaped the Island’s landscape, featuring many entries about […]

Nicknames of Ballaugh

Else where in this Newsletter there is a report of the Curragh walk by John Dog Callister. Although many these days imagine that nicknames have gone out of fashion, it might be surprising to find that so many are still used and, indeed often adopted by the holder of the name him or herself. When […]

The Ballaugh Harvest Home Dispute of 1870

This entertaining account of a village dispute in the late nineteenth century gives a terrific insight into the sensitivities experienced by Ballaugh inhabitants. Sparked off by a report in the Isle of Man Times in October, 1870, Joy Ling has assembled an entertaining collection of reports and letters, which include vivid and detailed descriptions of […]