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The search for Lieut. Mark Ecken R.N.

Research by David J. Radcliffe M.A. of Ballaugh, with assistance from Jillian Ryder in Australia ‘what a wonderful tool the internet can be’ Ed: I’ve included this article in its unedited state as an excellent example of the complexity of research and how the story can unfold. The Internet has meant that research that would […]

The First World War

Eighteen men are listed on the War Memorial at Ballaugh Church; there is another memorial near Ballaugh Bridge, but this has no names on it. Who were these men? Where and when did they die and what was their connection to Ballaugh? The aim of this piece is to inform, particularly the children of the […]

Notes and Queries

Ed: An extract from a copy of a letter from County Durham with some notes about the Green family in Ballaugh. Included was a copy of the family tree. If you would like a copy, please contact me. Thomas Green (1800-1869) came to the Island from Nayland, Norfolk to be Steward to the Bishop of […]

Ballaugh Parish Nicknames (part 2)

(previously) following extract is from J.B. Keig’s booklet, published privately in 1933. The Editor’s copy, handed down from her father Ivor Crowe, had been given to him by Mark Braide, and contained additional notes made by Mark Braide’s brother after conversations with Harry Boyde of Ballaugh. The booklet is a fascinating social document as, not […]

Nicknames of Ballaugh

Else where in this Newsletter there is a report of the Curragh walk by John Dog Callister. Although many these days imagine that nicknames have gone out of fashion, it might be surprising to find that so many are still used and, indeed often adopted by the holder of the name him or herself. When […]

This month’s ‘Son of Ballaugh’

Perhaps he doesn’t really count as a ‘son of Ballaugh’, but his connections are without doubt, important ones and his life was an interesting one. Rev. James Wilks was Rector of the parish from 1771 until his death aged 58 in 1777. His grave is in the old churchyard with the epitaph ‘Sleeping in Jesus. […]