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Nature Reserves in Ballaugh

The Manx Wildlife Trust is a charity set up in 1973 with the aim of making the Island richer in wildlife. One of the ways in which it achieves this is through the management of its nature reserves. There are presently 20 sites, covering 255 acres, which vary in size from just under an acre, […]


The Manx Wildlife Trust has Reserves right across the Island. There are important areas in Ballaugh, including Close Sartfield, Goshen and Close Humpson. Every week, in all weathers right through the year, members of a committed body of volunteers launch themselves enthusiastically into a wide range of jobs: cutting back undergrowth, cleaning out ditches and […]

Sand, Sea and Sunshine: hot and cold water through the ages at Ballaugh Beach

This interesting title drew 15 adults and 5 children to Ballaugh shore on a sunny evening at the end of June. Dr Peter Davey and his wife Dr Philippa Tomlison led us along the cliffs and pointed out features of interest. They began by explaining the geology of our area and how the landscape was […]

Walk and Talk in the Ballaugh Curragh

Led by Mr. John Dog Callister of Kirk Michael. Approximately 25 members of the Trust met at Ballaugh School to travel to the Curraghs in the least amount of cars because of the limited parking facilities as Close Sartfield. We Travelled along the Ballerterson Road then across into Dollagh Mooar Road, then right at the […]

Ballaugh Curragh: a site of international significance

In September, it was announced that the Ballaugh Curragh had been designated a wetland site of international importance, joining 1,600 other sites worldwide. The press release issued by the International Secretariat explained why this 193 hectare site is so important. The Ballaugh Curragh is a complex mosaic of interrelated peatland habitats dominated by grey willow […]

Ancient Ballaugh

In David Radcliffe’s talk on ‘Ancient Ballaugh’ at the Bowling Club, an audience of around 60 were fascinated as the story of the area was revealed, beginning with a glacial gavotte and closing with the Norse settlement. We were riveted by David’s account of the impact of the Ice Cap, which not only shaped the […]

Students discover 11,000 year old remains of Irish elk

A group of history students have discovered the antler of an Irish Elk in the brooghs south of Ballaugh. Although the exact age of the antler has yet to be determined, the position of the remains indicates that the elk (Megaloceros giganteus) lived around 11,000 years ago. The giant deer roamed the open tundra landscape […]